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Looking to get more involved? Here are some excellent ways you can serve at Riverstone.  Not sure where you'd fit best? Take the spiritual gifts inventory to help discern how God has gifted you for service in his church. Sign up for the team(s) you'd like to be part of (or get more info about) at the bottom of this page.

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Teach kids about God and the Bible! 

Spend time with the kids* of Riverstone during our morning gathering. Your service in this area means parents are able to focus on the message and have peace of mind knowing their child is cared for. You also build relationships that can be crucial as kids navigate challenging times.

*Background check required for kids team members

We can plan our ministry with incredible detail, but if we don't bathe the process in prayer, it's fruitless. Your time committed to praying for our church, specific needs, and our world is a valuable part of our church's DNA.

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If you enjoy letting people know they're valued and welcome, this is a great team for you. From opening doors, offering information and assistance, sitting with new folks, to making sure the coffee is ready, the hospitality team helps make our gatherings feel comfortable for all. 

Whether it's making sure everything is heard clearly in the room or on our livestream, the Audio/Visual Team plays an important role in each gathering. Setting up, removing, and maintaining equipment is a key part of this team. 

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We meet in a borrowed space thanks to the kindness of Garrod Hydraulics. That means there is some set-up/tear down required each week. This team, able to do some moderate lifting, helps make sure things are in place for our gatherings (and replaced when we're done.)

Be Part of the Set-up/Tear Down Team

Be Part of the Team

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