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Wondering if you'll fit in? 

Though we're a small, church, we have a variety of people in our gatherings. We range in age from infants/toddlers to some folks in their 90s! Whatever your family make-up, know that you'll be welcomed. Worried your kids will make noise during the sermon? We'd rather hear kids than not have them with us. Some people wear slacks with a tucked in shirt, some wear jeans or shorts and a t-shirt, and there are several ladies who wear dresses, too.

All this to say we want to be with you, not some "Sunday morning" version of you. 

Sometimes it's easier to come to a new place if you know what to expect first. Therefore, if you have more questions, please ask

Wondering about music? We don't shy away from the old hymns while singing mostly modern worship songs. For a sampling of songs we have included or will include soon, view our Spotify playlist.

Sunday gathering—9:30AM:

Worship each Sunday is casual yet purposeful. We love Jesus and worship Him. We trust God and hear a message from the Bible. All ages are welcome.

Contact us

1050 Locust Point Rd

York, PA 17406

(lunch room of Garrod Hydraulics)

Mailing Address
Po box 21665
York, PA 17402


What about my kids?

We love kids. We even love kid noises. AND, we love to help kids grow comfortable in church so they don't grow up thinking it's boring. Your kids are welcome to stay for the message but, if you prefer, we also offer Sunday school for kids through 5th grade where they'll learn from the Bible and enjoy activities together. Those going to Sunday school will be dismissed following our opening 


 As we grow, we have some great ideas for family ministries but, for now, we're excited to have kids in our gatherings and to help you feel comfortable having them there, too.

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