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Why study judges?

Tonight we begin our first Bible Study. Rather than use videos and pre-made studies, we will simply walk through the Bible—the Book of Judges to be exact. If you've never read Judges, let me assure you, it's a fascinating account of God's unending love and patience toward a people who just would not listen to Him. There are some incredible stories in there. Some of them will make you wide-eyed, some will make you blush, and some will put you in awe of how God works with his people—even people who have a record of being unfaithful. Even people like you and me.

On Sundays, we're in the Book of Acts and we're looking at what God is doing through the Holy Spirit in the lives of the apostles and new believers as the Church is established. This Sunday, we'll look at Peter and John, by the power the Spirit, healing a lame man in Acts chapter 3. It's incredible! What happened in Acts should motivate us to be a strong church; a church that remains committed to the name of Jesus. It fortifies us for mission and ministry!

But on Wednesdays we're going to see people who had specific instructions from God and failed to obey. Eventually, they'd panic when things got bad and would start obeying Him for a short time. Then they'd slip back into their old ways. Then things would get bad enough and they'd turn back to God. It was a vicious cycle.

I think the contrast of the two books—Acts on Sundays, Judges on Wednesdays—will help us realize our own inadequacies while also showcasing the goodness and faithfulness of God.

Whether you can make it every Sunday and Wednesday, make it every now and then, or you're simply following Riverstone to stay informed about and pray for our little, new church, I encourage you to read these books side by side. Be amazed at how God relates to his people in these very different times and circumstances. Then, pray that you would know and trust that God is still just as faithful today.

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