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Just Go.

As we've been studying Acts on Sundays and Judges during the week, I am continually reminded of how good, fair, loving, and right God is. Always. His way is THE way to live. Yet so often we get caught up in our way of living that, quite frankly, we don't want our usual day-to-day habits to be disturbed. Therefore, even though we hear great truths on a Sunday, we fail to implement them simply because it requires too much effort.

Our comfortable Christianity needs to change. Our comfortable Christianity must change if we hope to have any effectiveness in our communities. I'll be the first to admit I like laying low. I like not bothering people. I like my "me time" and my space and just wanting to be with my family and my people. But that's not what God has called me to do—it's not what he's called you to do, either.

The "Go" part of the Great Commission isn't the focus of the Great Commission. The focus is "make disciples". However, when we find ourselves not making disciples, then a strong, emphatic "GO!" is exactly what we need to hear. We need something that directs us away from our comfort and out into the lives of our neighbors. We need to see people with whom we disagree as people God loves—not just somebody to complain about or debate or, worse, avoid.

So, I urge you to just go. Don't let your habits and holdups keep you from doing what you've been commanded to do. Be willing to talk with your spouse, your family, your friends about ways to get outside of your usual circle and routine. Change up your dinner plans and instead, invite neighbors over. Start a relationship that will lead to an opportunity to present the Gospel and bring people to Christ.

We've been told to make disciples. How can we do that if we aren't willing to be disciples in the first place?

This is something that's been resting heavily on me lately. As much as I write for others to see this, I also write it for myself. When we lose the evangelical "push" of our faith, we lose the brilliance and intensity of what we claim as Christians—if I don't share my faith, is it because I don't believe in it enough? And if I don't believe... how strong is my faith in the first place?

We need to wrestle with these questions. We need to be honest. We need to be uncomfortable. We need to do what Jesus told us to do so that we can see what God will do as a result of our faithfulness.

We need to just go.

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